World Wide Blog Hop

Bill Noir, an excellent collage artist and zine-maker, invited me to take part to a World Wide Blog Hop by answering 4 questions about my collage work and by inviting 3 other artists to take part.

These are my artist invitations.They’ll answer the same questions on their respective blogs next Monday:

Emir Esh Šehanovic 

Eli Craven 


What am I working on?

Searching. Assembling a collage novel. Assembling objects, ϟcanpainting. Working on transparent volumes.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I prefer not to worry too much about this. ©}©

Why do I create what I do?

Language is a commodity. Then commodities can be language. 
I guess I’m a collage addict, as I’ve been making collages for so many years. 
Images in general are the only universal language. ◄●►/\◄●► They are also a pervasive system of representations from which we cannot escape. ★_,★
On the other hand our “society of the spectacle” is already a huge redundant collage, eating itself and cancelling out any representation of the system. ////////////////●▲●\\\\\\\\
But confusing can be revealing sometimes, and I like childish jokes.

How does my creating process work?

I don’t have a specific method ˚ộ˚, I like experimentation in general, exploring and playing with images, 
Collages’ techniques are a shortcut to images processing.
I usually just start to play with pieces of paper, scissors, glue. 
I use to collect images of all kinds and I cut them out of old magazines, books, photo prints etc. I mostly take them in flea markets. <•> /\ <•>
A collage can often come from some weirdness already in the original images, but can also come from the desire of defacing a picture or reversing its meaning ǒ/\ǒ. Like a readymade work, a collage can be a gesture simple as a switch of the context. Part of the playfulness of collage is in the ambiguity of result, that can always be viewed as a double image, that is in the same time a form of art and a mockery of IT.


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